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Nails Squoval

style:Nails Squoval C2ea729bfce6168dd35d4a8cef4ce808
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:13:28 AM.

somebody’s and also the edges where the dust can get built up on if it makes sense if I feel like that happens and all you swipe to really get the dust out of all of the edges and cracks you know so here I’m using protein bond and I

style:Nails Squoval A7057ef5b035038af46cee946d962014style:Nails Squoval B3e459e406c04f410f22b6c48b86e260style:Nails Squoval Aa1cdd94f9613640fec1c7c3f6622d4astyle:Nails Squoval B6885a8b8a35888bf8dd9fa6f47411a4style:Nails Squoval Aed9d2412374de44a5641931e1b34b41style:Nails Squoval C862b6561f3ff960bc44b95d7d5f16ea

Nail Peircing

style:Nail Peircing D5565d09c6d96681adb946bfbc6c99da
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:13:26 AM.

then good for you but me I don’t like that so you can see I’m just cutting them and I try not to be too rough either and it’s especially super hard whenever I’m doing my dominant hand with my non-dominant hand I didn’t show that on this video because

style:Nail Peircing C766744940ff52bbcd67870503032fd2style:Nail Peircing Ddf51439dba33ac78c0c2c0d1b30ae3estyle:Nail Peircing Dfe6fd02ffd72c9b8c9a7303f0fe5083style:Nail Peircing D063c54a26238a1ae3540f3f469235f8style:Nail Peircing D5565d09c6d96681adb946bfbc6c99dastyle:Nail Peircing D91b85ad20293592a6bbcc2166cca2cc

Squoval Nails

style:Squoval Nails Ee3002cdd46173194138d7192ec6fefc
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:13:23 AM.

videos and like I can’t remember the lady that is like one of their spokespeople I guess or like a worker there I don’t know but she also does videos and that’s how she says to use it so that’s the way I’ve always used it but some people only

style:Squoval Nails E820e925394f65f635a3fd2fbc648076style:Squoval Nails F6c6a124ff1f166b21294d98fb76dcc2style:Squoval Nails F3e5dcbe20b0a944f69c412edb623d30style:Squoval Nails F43026870ca8fb82e232071b49364bf6style:Squoval Nails E65a14a71dcffc5e295da8c01825319estyle:Squoval Nails Ffb03f7d05d659a6504afc632126f26e

Stilleto Nails

style:Stilleto Nails 18166bf01793e8b969f29aa57967b968
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:11:59 AM.

because the rest of the nails falling as I’m filing but I just want to explain to you guys like what you’re saying so after I get done filing and everything I will be right back to explain whatever else I do to you guys so now I’m going to

style:Stilleto Nails A6a8ae66d633eb17a6dcd872d1bb356cstyle:Stilleto Nails 141048179a5bd1ce46422b092ffc9915style:Stilleto Nails 51979ddfad1de9c53ef1d144ff558fe6style:Stilleto Nails 0597102c391b17bfc13a4ae4c0a467a4style:Stilleto Nails 96469dbcb25364e8f232704e0ef0d57astyle:Stilleto Nails 53862b5e60ab9f972ee9563541a5cc21

Chritmas Acrylic Nails

style:Chritmas Acrylic Nails 5221e04eee8bac1a5a1d6c605be6bb73
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:11:49 AM.

I do my clients like whenever I cut their cuticles I try not to cut them back too much because I never want to cause any damage or any you know like cut it back too much or they can get an infection or something because and some I don’t

style:Chritmas Acrylic Nails 509dd2345864206bce63b84258030a20style:Chritmas Acrylic Nails 11380b6a7161eb3fb1957a8619050531style:Chritmas Acrylic Nails 0964a5a4646283a73ed19aa31632a3bdstyle:Chritmas Acrylic Nails 879c9315507900457257c67e89a911adstyle:Chritmas Acrylic Nails 1144fb1434cfb001827153f6c39a7c87style:Chritmas Acrylic Nails 528d144a77f8a7b015cf432fc3b16b51

Umbre Nails

style:Umbre Nails 70e2720de275d93826d67bf64e2b7b72
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:11:45 AM.

hey you guys so today I’m going to be doing my own nails and I hope you guys like my new intro that I made it took me three hours to make it even though it’s really nothing special so right now I’m just pushing back my cuticles whenever I

style:Umbre Nails 63f81bf227abb9589af7358edad65025style:Umbre Nails 70e2720de275d93826d67bf64e2b7b72style:Umbre Nails 088c10b6e871dcb45328c43f819f5aa8style:Umbre Nails 62d0b32459526e5de9bd400840600919style:Umbre Nails 99e875a8ed645e3056d02deefd03aacbstyle:Umbre Nails 182fede204dc2a3de6e176f14647ca5c
Applying Acrylic Nails
style:Applying Acrylic Nails 8fdb36502bdfb5f669fc6dc019544046
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:11:41 AM.

everybody that asks me these are the files I get them from Sam’s and I’ll supply you might be able to find them somewhere else for cheaper honestly but that’s just where I get them from and I’ve always got them from there but if you guys know where to

style:Applying Acrylic Nails 8fdb36502bdfb5f669fc6dc019544046style:Applying Acrylic Nails 61ee1caa82736eb65e7a0acb9983cb03style:Applying Acrylic Nails 60fd97a92344a0bb872e7f5250008df8style:Applying Acrylic Nails 13a4344a93578cd2e78051fc44ca9923style:Applying Acrylic Nails 28e00eb34480c06a8e5e9ede25dd66acstyle:Applying Acrylic Nails 53b77bfee51b537b8df9721bba463ad7
Acrylic Nail Designs Squoval
style:Acrylic Nail Designs Squoval 7f42906cebc20d468e866add92fee7a8
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:11:37 AM.

linked and trying to make it as square as possible I’m sorry I’m a little bit out of frame whenever I was doing this it’s kind of hard to record doing your own nails and doing it at the same time and that’s why I haven’t done it because I

style:Acrylic Nail Designs Squoval 6b5da34925c4ad6d5f2079ce3e9b550estyle:Acrylic Nail Designs Squoval 5ac53e1085d1a6f7c746fb88d1d69b1estyle:Acrylic Nail Designs Squoval 5c78bba0d055f16b74be27b0e70e62b6style:Acrylic Nail Designs Squoval 6a1c7c964bdb98611eeaababaafc182bstyle:Acrylic Nail Designs Squoval 7f42906cebc20d468e866add92fee7a8style:Acrylic Nail Designs Squoval 8b7180c1fbc51c0c6e073cd46274ec79

Nails Nuetral Acrylic

style:Nails Nuetral Acrylic 0f321ec92d1adbaf2c3356f41765bf9a
By mella_martin. style. Published at Friday, June 12th, 2020 - 05:09:31 AM.

the know with the acrylic you did you guys see how I like pushed it down at the edge to kind of give it that more square shape and then I go on the edges and I like push it back and just shape it with my brush that’s exactly

style:Nails Nuetral Acrylic 1fca1df4e73f68adce4c243416bd3c2fstyle:Nails Nuetral Acrylic 3c6bdb48df5f2ac694acf102af539e11style:Nails Nuetral Acrylic 1b906abb86050e3e00cede1f68613e0dstyle:Nails Nuetral Acrylic 4c622727269988ded3b2d537361bd038style:Nails Nuetral Acrylic 0f321ec92d1adbaf2c3356f41765bf9astyle:Nails Nuetral Acrylic 4babebe6c479955baf89384ee7751426

Summery Nails

beauty:Summery Nails Images (2)
By mella_martin. beauty. Published at Thursday, June 11th, 2020 - 06:47:40 AM.

the nil I mean of your finger ends I would put my apex right there everybody’s fingers are different so it’s not gonna be the same for everybody but at least for my fingers that’s where my apex should be like right in that fatty area at the tips of

beauty:Summery Nails Download (1)beauty:Summery Nails Download (4)beauty:Summery Nails Download (6)beauty:Summery Nails Download (8)beauty:Summery Nails Download (5)beauty:Summery Nails Download


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